AMA of Airdrop Events to the NEST Community

The NEST community airdrop is in full swing. First of all, congratulations to the winners who have received the airdrop. Another round of airdrop(May.12-May.24) is underway, welcome to continue to participate. details:

AMA of Airdrop Events to the NEST Community

  • The same robots were used in the new airdrop?

👉Yes. Don’t worry, the number of people you invite will be accurately recorded according to the time of your participation.

  • I participated in the airdrop event, how can I check if I have won an award? Is the list of airdrop winners announced?

👉 For the previous two rounds of airdrops(Apr.12-May.6 & May.1-May.6), the winner list has been announced, please check:

  • I’m on the list of winners, why didn’t I receive my award?

👉 Please check the list again, some sheets show all the participants. If there are still questions, please provide a screenshot of your wallet and contact the administrator.

  • Why is the number of invitations displayed by the bot inconsistent with the final result?

👉Our bot only shows the number of people who have been invited and registered, didn’t exclude the people that did not follow Twitter. If the people you invited didn’t follow Twitter on May 6, they won’t be counted in the final.

  • I have received the NEST airdrop, which exchange can trade it?

👉 Recommended exchanges:

1.Huobi Global


if you have any thoughts and suggestions for the airdrop event, please leave your comments. We will randomly select 1 lucky participant who left any comment and reward 500NEST. (The number of comments must be more than 50 people)



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