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2 min readAug 4, 2022


Dear community member:

We are glad to announce that we started NEST Community Group Leader Recruitment Plan. NEST DAO will pay $500000 NEST token for Community Group Leader plan

How to define as a qualified community Group Leader, your tasks will be like the following:

  • Get familiar with Nest’s functions, Nest Docs and be willing to help in time when there is any problem with users in the communities.
  • Use Telegram proficiently and set up your own Nest Prototocl group (Group Member at least 200+,No language or country restrictions)
  • Help NEST DAO community grow and make the community active. Bring your team to participate task competitions
  • Help Nest’s colleagues spread Nest’s events, news or any updates, keep the community active and in order, and help solve related questions appropriately in time.

What will you get from the Community Group Leader work?

  • Reward depends on the group members and real active level (cheating will be forbidden)
  • Excellent Group Leader who can keep good performance in every competition will get rewards every month ($200 at least)
  • You will be given priority to receive various activity rewards of the NEST protocol

If you are willing become our Group Leader, please tell us some basic information about yourself for the better corporation in the future:

Apply link:

You can also join the telegram group for more details,



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