NEST Discord Community Recruitment Program

To make NEST protocol ecosystem better, we will cooperate with more high-quality discord communities. So we’re lanuching NEST Discord Community Recruitment Program and invite everyone to explore with us.

Discord Community requirement:
Large global active communities from Crypto/defi/alpha field, no need from NFT/GameFi and project their own

How to join:
Once you got the communities which meet the requirement above, please fill in the form below. Fisrt come first serve, the overlapped recommendation will not be rewarded (You can check the link to check if it already exist).

Check the reply Link:

Rewards rules:
For the different amount of community members, we reward different prize.
Rank 1:community≥100k, $5 per
Rank 2:0k≤community<100k, $4 per
Rank 3:30k≤community<50k, $3 per
Rank 4:10k≤community< 30k, $2 per
Rank 5:4k≤community<10k, $1 per



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NEST Protocol

Now it’s not just the oracle. Oracle+OMM+PVM=NEST Deployed on#ETH #Polygon #BNB #KCC For more community information, please follow @NEST_Protocol