NEST Ecosystem Weekly Report(10.3–10.6)

NEST Protocol

● Twitter Followers: 43567

● Telegram Members: 50767

● Live Video Chat

【Time】 10–04 19:00–20:00 UTC

【Participants】 Prince Aguma、Emily 💖、Nest、Bahram Mohammadi、Ma Lirly、Liesl、veer、Jr.Bill Gats😉、Itaci 268、md babu0、Basheer muhisin、KOSHI KURIAN、mohammed Mishab、Zoya Haider、AKHIL、Ꮇɪɴᴇʀ_Ꮪᴇʀ、MR PROFESSOR、VMC BOSE、ᴅʜᴇᴇʀ、Fadil、ICONIC Boss


1、NEST Korean community airdrop rewards and participation ways
2、How to get the rewards for participating in LIVE VIDEO CHAT


● Twitter Followers:54449

● Telegram Members: 59517


● Twitter Followers: 43320

● Telegram Members: 47865

● Product Updates:

1. Total value of collateralized assets: $4649300.98

2. Total value of parassets: $1991944.22

3. TVL of insurance pool: $291313.20

5. 932877.99 PUSD in circulation , 308.579PETH in circulation

(ETH prices in the NEST oracle in Parasset at the time of the statistics are taken as the standard)