NEST Ecosystem Weekly Report(9.12–9.15)

NEST Protocol

● Twitter Followers: 44482 (+1630)

● Telegram Members: 53090 (+1595)


Start: September 10

Deadline: September 17

Participants so far: 125

● Live Video Chat

Time: 09–13 19:00–20:00 UTC

Participants: Farozi, Costly Leo, Jason, RHE, Nest, Wiston Brook, South Side Hanni, Queen (8 people in total)


1. Use of cryptocurrencies globally

2. Issues or suggestions

Using El Salvador as an example, the moderator presented the current state of global adoption of cryptocurrencies and how citizens of this country are using BTC as a means of payment. She mentioned that NEST is also moving towards global adoption and the partnership with has made it possible to make purchases with NEST token.

The moderator answered the following questions from the participants:

1. Whether NEST will be as widely used for payments and transactions as Bitcoin

2. How the quiz competition works and how to get the rewards

3. What makes NEST unique compared to other projects with similar use cases

4. How to participate in NEST quote-mining

● AMA with


● Twitter Followers:54590 (+1500)

● Telegram Members: 64663 (+300)


● Twitter Followers: 44229 (+4779)

● Telegram Members: 50033 (+6746)

● Product Updates:

1. Total value of collateralized assets: $4650286.31

2. Total value of parassets: $1980867.34

3. TVL in USDT/PUSD insurance pool: $54117.51

4. TVL in PETH/ETH insurance pool: $2279932.21

5. 932877.99 PUSD in circulation , 308.578 PETH in circulation

(ETH prices in the NEST oracle in Parasset at the time of the statistics are taken as the standard)

Nest Protocol is a decentralized oracle built on Ethereum and powered by the NEST token. The protocol is a distributed price oracle network.🌍