NEST Ecosystem Weekly-Report(9.23–9.25)

NEST Protocol

● Twitter followers: 44015

● Telegram Members: 53231

● NEST Korean Community Event

🇰🇷NEST-Protocol newly opens local Korean channel, all the Korean friends interested in NEST can join the Korean Telegram Group (Korean only) 🇰🇷

[Event time] 9/25(Sat) — 10/5(Tue)

[How to participate]

1. Say hello in the chat room after joining: 🤝

▶️Announcement room:

▶️Chat room:

2. Submit Google form:


[Reward] USDT worth 2500 KRW (Random 100 members)

[Draw time] 1 week after the event

● Live Video Chat

Join the NEST Live Voice Chat to win a $50 reward! 🥳 Event group:

🔸️Join the live voice chat more than twice and interact (Questions or Suggestions)
🔸️Invite 1 member to the live chat/Hold at least $100 worth of NEST token(Optional)

⏰Deadline: Sep 30th
🎁 Rewards will be distributed to 3 winners.
✍️Fill this form after you join twice:


● Twitter Followers:54848

● Telegram Members: 62670


● Twitter Followers: 44463

● Telegram Members: 51135

● Product Updates:

1. Total value of collateralized assets: $3531607.16

2. Total value of parassets: $1834350.93

3. TVL in USDT/PUSD insurance pool: $54117.60

4. TVL in PETH/ETH insurance pool: $196140.07

5. 932877.99PUSD in circulation , 308.578 PETH in circulation

(ETH prices in the NEST oracle in Parasset at the time of the statistics are taken as the standard)

Nest Protocol is a decentralized oracle built on Ethereum and powered by the NEST token. The protocol is a distributed price oracle network.🌍