NEST Ecosystem Weekly Report(9.26–9.29)

NEST Protocol

● Twitter Followers: 43915

● Telegram Members: 52035

● NEST Korean Community Event

【Participation Time】9/25(Sat)-10/5(Tue)

【Community Members】229(+74)

● Live Video Chat

【Time】 09–27 19:00–20:00 UTC

【Participants:】veer、Jr.Bill Gats😉、Itaci 268、md babu0、Basheer muhisin、Sin Ache、Kourtney、Jason、Fasal


1、NEST local telegram group in Korea which is newly created
2、Security and transparency of the team and project
3、Recent community activities (AMA with EpiK Protocol)


#NEST Protocol & #EpiK Protocol

【Time】September 27th 10:00 UTC

【Community】EpiK Official Field:

【Rewards】100USDT (10 random draws of 10 USDT)


▶️ Retweet the event and comment the questions about NEST

▶️Free Q&A questions

*These two ways above can be either one or both

● Data Rankings


● Twitter Followers:54651

● Telegram Members: 61320


● Twitter Followers: 43768

● Telegram Members: 49372

● Product Updates:

1. Total value of collateralized assets: $3974793.44

2. Total value of parassets: $1867869.35

3. TVL of insurance pool: $258594.88

4. 932877.99PUSD in circulation, 308.578 PETH in circulation

(ETH prices in the NEST oracle in Parasset at the time of the statistics are taken as the standard)

Nest Protocol is a decentralized oracle built on Ethereum and powered by the NEST token. The protocol is a distributed price oracle network.🌍