New NEST Protocol Group Leader Plan

Firstly, thanks to many people’s support for our group leader plan and they really gave many excellent suggestions. Therefore, based on these suggestions, NEST updated the more completed version of the group leader plan.

Why do you need to join NEST?

What you will gain:

4. Group leaders will be given priority to receive various activity rewards of the NEST protocol

Conditions for becoming a group leader

1. Buy at least $100 of NEST tokens.(DEX website:

2.1 Contact the administrator (TG: (DISCORD:, send a request in Collaboration.) Create the group.

2.2. Fill out the form:( the Telegram group:

3. Invite at least 50 people to join NEST campaigns (AMA, attendance, Q&A) every month.

1.All rewards are settled every 2 weeks. You cannot sell the NEST tokens you have purchased.
2.Groups have no language restrictions.
3.Cheating will not get any rewards

Attendance activities
Questionnaire activity
Weekly update on twitter
AMA activities
Weekly update on twitter




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