NEST Protocol

● Twitter Followers: 43423

● Telegram Members: 50301

● Live Video Chat

【Time】 10–08 19:00–20:00 UTC

【Participants】Amit Chouhan、Bambang Chanks、Fasal、Jerry、Fenne


1、The products and advantages of Fort Protocol which is a new project in NEST ecosystem
2、How to participate in Hedge testnet and win the rewards

NEST Protocol

● Twitter Followers: 43567

● Telegram Members: 50767

● Live Video Chat

【Time】 10–04 19:00–20:00 UTC

【Participants】 Prince Aguma、Emily 💖、Nest、Bahram Mohammadi、Ma Lirly、Liesl、veer、Jr.Bill Gats😉、Itaci 268、md babu0、Basheer muhisin、KOSHI KURIAN、mohammed Mishab、Zoya Haider、AKHIL、Ꮇɪɴᴇʀ_Ꮪᴇʀ、MR PROFESSOR、VMC BOSE、ᴅʜᴇᴇʀ、Fadil、ICONIC Boss


1、NEST Korean community airdrop rewards and participation ways
2、How to get the rewards for participating in LIVE VIDEO CHAT

NEST Protocol

● Twitter Followers: 43915

● Telegram Members: 52035

● NEST Korean Community Event

【Participation Time】9/25(Sat)-10/5(Tue)

【Community Members】229(+74)

● Live Video Chat

【Time】 09–27 19:00–20:00 UTC

【Participants:】veer、Jr.Bill Gats😉、Itaci 268、md babu0、Basheer muhisin、Sin Ache、Kourtney、Jason、Fasal


1、NEST local telegram group in Korea which is newly created
2、Security and transparency of the team and…

NEST Protocol

● Twitter followers: 44015

● Telegram Members: 53231

● NEST Korean Community Event

🇰🇷NEST-Protocol newly opens local Korean channel, all the Korean friends interested in NEST can join the Korean Telegram Group (Korean only) 🇰🇷

[Event time] 9/25(Sat) — 10/5(Tue)

[How to participate]

1. Say hello in the…

The blockchain world is also like the corner of the country with genres of thought. Different genres have different styles and philosophies. Outsiders will follow these styles and philosophies and put on various labels to distinguish them. …


It is reasonable to use NEST Token or nToken as an incentive for quoting mainstream assets because the existing assets can be effectively incentivized through community gaming, but some long-tail assets are hard to activate by nToken.

This is why we introduce a new model from the perspective of…

NEST Protocol

● Twitter followers: 44160 (-291)

● Telegram Members: 53796 (-815)


Winner List:(TG ID)











● Live Video Chat

Time: 09–20 19:00–20:00 UTC

Participants: Jason、Fazal Shaikh、Fidelia、Jumong


  1. Ethereum Network and NEST…

1. What is NEST Protocol?

NEST Protocol is a collateralized lending product at the very beginning. Due to the lack of price mechanism and the oracles are commercially not in line with the decentralized nature of blockchain, NEST Protocol has developed a decentralized price oracle network in v2.0.

After more…

Every round of bull market starts to hype copyright, confirmation, music chain, taxi chain and these things that are particularly close to reality, it is basically the tail end of the bull market, you can check with the history. Why is that? Because the general public can easily understand the…

NEST Protocol

● Twitter Followers: 44482 (+1630)

● Telegram Members: 53090 (+1595)


Start: September 10

Deadline: September 17

Participants so far: 125

● Live Video Chat

Time: 09–13 19:00–20:00 UTC

Participants: Farozi, Costly Leo, Jason, RHE, Nest, Wiston Brook, South Side Hanni, Queen (8 people…

NEST Protocol

Nest Protocol is a decentralized oracle built on Ethereum and powered by the NEST token. The protocol is a distributed price oracle network.🌍

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